3CD Package
Every Road
Take the pain away
I'm worth it
1. Cry baby cry
2. In the bed you made for me
3. You don't know how lucky you are
4. Every road
5. From the heart
6. Wait a minute
7. Could you love someone
8. Love on the side
9. Some somebody will
10. I can tell you where to go
11. If tomorrow never comes
12. Who needs you
1. Troubles here
2. Learnin' to sing the blues
3. Swingin' out of love
4. Take the pain away
5. West of crazy
6. River of tears
7. When the wheels are coming off
8. Never looking back
9. Still holdin 'on
10. Biggest fool around
11. Not so different after all
12. Before he kissed me
1. Pardon me (If I don't Understand)
2. Just walk away
3. I'm worth it
4. Long black train
5. My everything
6. Is that what he told you
7. You win again
8. I left him at home
9. Heartaches, highheels and a halo
10. Highway habit


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